Dance Classes: Week 258


The first time I went to a discoteca in Manizales I quickly realized that dancing was serious business. The women I was with picked a table next to the dance floor, bought a bottle of aguardiente, and kept their eyes glued to the main entrance in search of dance partners.

I’d thought us ladies would dance together until more people showed up, but that was not how it worked. There were only couples on the dance floor and they were always male-female pairs. People did dance solo, but it was more of the dance-next-to-your-table kind of thing while you flag someone down for drinks.

It took hours before anyone asked me to dance, but once someone did my feet were on fire. The thing that I liked most about discotecas was the lack of pressure – a dance was a dance and I changed partners all the time, most of whom were well into their 50s.

Poor Barret, on the other hand, had a much harder task. He had to learn not only to dance but also to lead. Let’s just say we each had some squished toes. For this reason we finally took it upon ourselves to attend a dance class.

From my stay at Mountain Hostel in Palermo, I remembered there was a studio in the basement. The dance instructor wasn’t there when I dropped by, but I did see a notice for a free dance class (hostel guests) on Friday.

Barret and I went back the following Friday. We spent an hour trying out different styles of music and working up a sweat. I think Barret’s hips even loosened up a bit by the end!

The most important thing we learned though was that we both needed a lot more practice, especially if we wanted to be dancing salsa at our wedding. So we decided that our better-late-than-never New Year’s resolution was to take private dance classes and choreograph our first dance.

I’m so looking forward to tearing up the dance floor with Barret!

How to get to Mountain Hostel: Calle 66 #23B-91, Barrio Palermo, Manizales


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