Laneway Learning: Week 218

Making sock puppets at Laneway Learning: Sydney, Australia

Laneway Learning is a series of informal classes that usually take place in bars. The one-off classes cover a variety of topics from floral arrangements to playing the ukulele. On Monday evening my friend and I slipped into the Duck Inn, the subject of the night was sock puppets.

We arrived early and took a seat at the bar to order dinner. I realized I was really going to enjoy the evening when I noticed that the customer to our right was a dark grey cat named Neko. He was daintily perched on the bar stool and coolly indifferent to the goings on around him.

By the time we finished dinner, the sock puppet hosts had set up all the materials- fabric, scissors, googly eyes, yarn, embroidery thread, and glue guns. When the lesson began, there were about 20 attendees. The cool autumnal weather permeated the windows next to the work tables, so Emma and I bought two glasses of hot mulled wine and got down to work.

My purple and black striped sock slowly took on a masculine persona that was something between a pirate and a librarian. Emma’s pink and white striped sock was definitely female and had a fluffy pink mane.

Towards the end of the night the room smelled like glue guns and burnt hair. Neko had roused out of his stupor to investigate the activity and in doing so had brushed his tail against a lit candle. Luckily he had emerged unscathed and everyone else left that night with an interesting Tuesday morning conversation starter for the office.

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