Frankie’s Pizza: Week 214

Frankie's Pizza flyer: Sydney, Australia

The moment I walked into Frankie’s Pizza I realized it had been a long time since I’d been to a great dive bar. The front room was a pizza restaurant, but it felt like a dark cave. The back room had the stage and the DJ booth, but it smelled like mold.

The only open table we could find as next to a row of rock ‘n’ roll pinball machines. Over one friend’s shoulder, decorating the AC/DC machine, a woman with long fake nails and skinny eyebrows plucked at the chords of her black string bikini. Behind my other friend’s head was a band poster of a giant squirting penis.

There are a lot of nice places to have a drink in Sydney, so one might wonder why anyone would bother to spend their Friday night in a moldy room- especially considering that the bottle of wine we ordered was not cheaper than some of the other nicer places in town.

However, after ordering a potato pizza, it was very obvious why Frankie’s was so popular. The potatoes were thinly sliced, very crisp, and covered in rosemary. They didn’t have gluten-free bases, but the toppings that I plucked off the top were so delicious that I was almost tempted to eat a slice.

Frankie's Pizza flyer: Sydney, Australia

As we were enjoying our pizza, a woman to our right turned around and drew our attention.

“Have you heard about the Monday night cover band?”

“No,” we replied.

“Well, just so you know, they have the most dreamy guitarist. I think most of the women who come here on Monday are here to see him. I love my partner,” she  said as she pointed to her husband of fifteen years, “but when this guitarist is performing I’m like- huh? What did you say?

I didn’t need a second reason to nominate Frankie’s Pizza as the best dive bar in Sydney, but there you go. They allegedly have a world famous house band and the dreamiest guitarist in town.

How to get to Frankie’s Pizza: 50 Hunter Street, Sydney


One thought on “Frankie’s Pizza: Week 214

  1. So it sounds like the potato slices are a brilliant substitute for the usual (boring) pepperoni. So is it just that with mozzarella cheese and a dash of fresh rosemary?


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