Temp Agencies: Week 66

After a couple of days of halfheartedly dropping off resumes at retail stores, I realized I was approaching this work thing from the wrong angle. I needed to find jobs that thought a six week commitment was ideal, not flaky. So for the first time in my life, I turned to temp agencies and immediately revised my CV for a role in office administration.

Recent employment:

Kiwifruit packer Private English Instructor & Curriculum Developer

Skill sets:

Keyboard Pecker Computer literate- experienced in Excel

Monolingual Excellent command of English

Can get out of bed without turning on the heater Adaptable

After sending off applications I got an email decorated with a wayward goldfish and an interview time for the following day. I found my business attire tucked in some wrinkled corner of our van and a pair of scratchy tights. I was thankful I hadn’t listened to Barret when he told me to only bring “practical” clothes to New Zealand.

On the bus ride into town I tried to run through possible questions without looking like I was talking to myself. I felt comfortable during the interview, but my feathers got a bit ruffled when I discovered I was going to be tested.

It made me more nervous than the day I took my SATs. The tests were simple enough, but I didn’t like the idea that my financial well being hinged upon my typing speed. As I sat in front of the computer I chastised myself for every time I gave up proper typing because it took too long. I wished I had kept at it (I carefully write whilst looking at the keyboard).

An hour later I concluded the final portion and thanked the recruitment agent for her time. My advice for those embarking on the road to office administration- ‘commitment’ has a single “t” while ‘committed’ has two. This will be on the test.


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