Magic Show: Week 22

A cloud of confetti rained down whilst a pigeon, in a flight of terror, shot across the room. Mislead by avian intuition, the bird collided into an equally panicked observer. They struggled out of their tangled embrace to a chorus of squealing children. The excitement only abated once the magician strolled over to collect his prop and return it to its cage.

The slender entertainer had a dainty face and a short stature after removing his significantly heeled dress shoes. To his right, his assistant squatted next to the CD player controlling the soundtracks with a bored expression. However, the children were mesmerized; their small hands coyly tried to clutch at the fallen confetti like forbidden scavengers.

During the last half hour the magician taught a magic trick involving a set of red foam hearts. Their little fingers pressed the fluffy material into their fists like butchers stuffing sausages. Unclenching their hands, the material regained its heart-shape as it tumbled to the floor. Expectant faces, partly stunned by their own performance, awaited my reaction.

“WOW! Magic!” I cried.

“Yes Stephanie Teacher, really really magic!”


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