Lotte Giants vs Doosan Bears: Week 20

A few innings into the game, a small boy began crying to my right. He had needed to go to the bathroom, but his dad didn’t want to leave his seat. The child apparently found it more embarrassing than convenient to be peeing in a plastic soda bottle amidst hundreds of people. Like his bottle of urine, the boy’s distress was capped and tucked away under the seat.

I turned my attention back to the game. The pitcher was being retired and his replacement was cautiously driven to the mound in a small convertible. Across the stadium cheerleaders and Bboys for the Lotte Giants riled up the spectators. The crowd cheered  the name of  the conglomerate sponsor “Lotte, lotte, lotte…” to the tune of Glory, Glory, Hallelujah. Meanwhile merchants from the food stalls sent ambassadors into the crowd waving banners and carrying their products. I spent the next couple of innings hunting down the patbingsu man from my eagle’s nest.

Once again a ruckus picked up to my right and I realized the poor child’s solace had been short lived. His intoxicated father was in a scuffle with the man seated next to him. I suspect the argument was over parenting choices.

Somewhere between the 7th and 8th inning, workers distributed plastic bags amongst the audience. A giant orange wave washed over the crowd as people inflated their bags and anchored them to their head with their ears. I was bewildered why the stadium would waste so many plastic bags for the sake of team spirit until I realized they had been distributed for trash collection. So the home team won, but what is really important to note is that you can turn a plastic bag into a wearable headband with a fluorescent bow. I am still trying to figure that one out.

For a schedule of upcoming games: Doosan Bears & Lotte Giants


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