Cocomong: Week 18

“Why no Cocomong?” asked an impatient child with the thoughtful expression of a masticating cow.

“Two minutes, just two more minutes,” I replied.

“Why no Cocomong?”

We were waiting for the progeny between a shrink-wrapped sausage and a monkey to regale us with dancing. Finally the stage lights shone over hybrid vegetable-animals as they introduced the star to a group of underwhelmed children. The boys smirked at the constricted choreography while pointing to the large gaps in the costume around the  character’s legs.

However, even the most jaded seven-year-old squealed in excitement when a large dingy fabric toothbrush was swished across their heads. A timely message as many of my students have numerous visible cavities and silver crowns despite brushing their teeth every day at school. After promulgating dental care, Cocomong unleashed the children into the play area. The little cupcakes ran off to peddle waterboats and tumble inside inflated hamsterballs while filled with thoughts of clean bicuspids.

For those with children: Cocomong KidsLand


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