Strawberry Fields: Week 5

I squeezed myself into a large van filled with kindergarteners while the Beatles’ Strawberry Fields Forever steamrolled over my brain like a bad cliché. Our springtime excursion led us to a desolate parking lot beneath a highway overpass. As we made our way through a dusty brown field, I could see  seafoam-colored tents in the distance.

Eventually we passed through the translucent tarp to scavenge  raised plant beds for the ripest fruit. While I have had some students cry when I ask them to spell ‘strawberry’, this morning is filled with squeals of joy and excitement. “Look at those muscles!” I exclaimed every time a child won the battle against plant stems. As the children bobbed in and out of sight, I couldn’t help but enjoy a day spent outside the classroom- even if it was under a plastic canopy.


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